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an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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Other studies have identified additional risk factors that distinguish individuals with alcohol dependence who do attempt suicide from those who don't: early onset of alcohol dependence, childhood trauma, a family history of suicidal behavior, and tobacco dependence.
In the new study, Mason and her colleagues randomly assigned each of 150 recently abstinent people with alcohol dependence to be treated with 900 mg or 1,800 mg of gabapentin or with a look-alike placebo.
Other studies have focused on the genetic connections between alcohol dependence and eating disorders, but all of those studies looked only at women.
Because at-risk drinkers are much more numerous than alcohol-dependent people, at-risk drinking contributes a much greater disease burden than alcohol dependence.
Our new TKM-ALDH2 program aims to address the limitations of existing treatments of alcohol dependence, such as low response rates and poor patient compliance.
Alcohol dependence was associated with a 36% decreased likelihood of first marriage for men, and a 23% decrease for women--and, when alcoholics married, they were mere than twice as likely to experience separation, compared with nonalcoholics.
We were able to examine if energy drink use was associated with alcohol dependence, after controlling for risk- taking characteristics," Amelia M.
genomes), would be expected to have a higher concordance rate for alcohol dependence than dizygotic twins, who on average share only half their genome.
A major determinant of these consequences is the proclivity of persons with alcohol dependence to indulge in reckless behaviour which may put them and others at the risk of harm.
We organized the information to illuminate conditions that surfaced in families with a vulnerability to alcohol dependence and also to uncover the relationship of the brain electrical activity and DNA markers to those conditions.
Alcohol dependence occurred most frequently among men, whites, Native Americans, poor people, and young, unmarried adults.
It also describes a brief program of behavioral support for patients taking medicine for alcohol dependence as well as a state-of-the-art behavioral intervention developed for a recent clinical trial.
A YOU raise some important questions about how we diagnose alcohol dependence, Jayne.
have announced that the FDA has approved VIVITROL[TM] (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension) for the treatment of alcohol dependence.
In a small pilot study of 16 patients who met Diagnostic and Statistical Manual criteria for alcohol dependence and who were treated with memantine for 8 weeks, drinking behavior declined, Dr.
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