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a mayor or chief magistrate of a Spanish town

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La sentencia del obispo de Oaxaca Francisco Santiago Calderon contemplaba la remocion de su cargo de todos los miembros del cabildo, incluyendo al gobernador, los alcaldes y los regidores (Tavares 256); y el juicio por idolatria en contra del cacique de Yalahui, llevado a cabo en 1732 por el Obispo Santiago y Calderon, quien se preciaba de haber condenado a prision perpetua a unos setenta maestros de idolatria, que habian sido denunciados por los indios mismos (Tavarez 261).
Sloat asked the incumbent alcaldes, Manuel Diaz and Joaquin Escamilla, to remain in office.
For instance, the alcaldes de barrios, who, as jueces originarios, had the limited authority to instigate criminal proceedings before turning the case over to their juez mayor for final sentencing, did not enjoy the services of an asesor letrado and therefore had to rely extensively on their scribe's knowledge of the penal process.
The mayordomo reported this indiscretion to the cura who then ordered the alcaldes to punish the guilty party.
Acta de la sesion extraordinaria de la Comision de Alcaldes, Tomo 4 Documento 105).
Other municipalities followed the same procedure, supported by the Asociacion Guatemalteco de Alcaldes y Autoridades Indigenas (AGAAI), the community-development association CEIBA, and the Fundacion Maya (FUNDAMAYA).
On August 19, 1848, Colonel Mason wrote Washington: "No other officers exist in the country, save the alcaldes confirmed or appointed by myself.
This cre dit was typically provided in the form of cash advances by local Spanish officials known as alcaldes mayores, for which repayment was contracted in the form of the dyestuff at rates which remained remarkably stable throughout the period.
Indians, Merchants, and Markets purports to deal with the history of repartimiento de comercios, but the text actually appears to describe another variation of the practice in which local Spanish administrators, alcaldes mayors, contracted in advance of the harvest to purchase cochineal from indigenous producers at fixed prices.
In the first months of peaceful protest, Ico said, he had joined with colleagues of the Toledo Alcaldes Association of Maya mayors, with Julian Cho's Toledo Maya Cultural Council, and Maya of the Kekchi Community Council.
The sonnet, which has the epitaph "A la prision que de ciertos ministros hicieron los alcaldes Vaca y Madera en la fortaleza de la Alameda" (Obras poeticas 3: 11-12), is about the incarceration of Alonso Ramirez de Prado, a corrupt official who was the Secretary to Pedro Franqueza, the Count of Villalonga.
The Federacion Nacional de Alcaldes Mexicanos (FENAM), which includes mayors of 1,700 medium-sized and large cities is considering a proposal to join forces with CONAGO to ask for higher budget for municipalities and states and to ask the federal government to tighten its own belt.
By 1993, alcaldes (municipal authorities) from over 260 municipalities were on strike over disputes concerning the 8%.