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a simple water-soluble protein found in many animal tissues and liquids

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Albumin in critical care: SAFE, but worth its salt?
Albumin dialysis is used to cleanse the blood of albumin-bound toxins when the liver is not functioning.
Most common of them are subjective global assessment (SGA) and laboratory measurements of serum albumin level.
Eight hundred consecutive serum specimens received in the laboratory with a request for calcium estimation were analyzed for calcium and albumin in Erba XL 640 AutoAnalyzer by Arsenazo III method for calcium and bromocresol green in succinic acid buffer at pH 4.
The Pearson Correlation Coefficient of the correlation between serum albumin and the Glasgow Coma Scale score at admission 0.
The report concludes by analyzing the manufacturing cost of glycated albumin along with key raw material, price trend of key raw material, key suppliers and market concentration rate.
These investigators conducted a prospective cohort analysis to examine the association of glycated albumin with mortality in a study population of 1053 patients with diabetes mellitus who were receiving hemodialysis.
Key Words: Chronic kidney disease, C-reactive protein, albumin.
20] That colloid osmotic pressure does not play the role it was assigned by Ernest Starling is known to many burn surgeons, as burn oedema usually resolves in the face of dropping albumin levels.
When it comes to albumin for replacement therapy, a premium pricing strategy could go in vain, saidFrost & Sullivan Healthcare Senior Research Analyst Aish Vivekanandan.
The changes in IMA and albumin were significant during the period (P < .
Patients were divided into two groups based on the amount of albumin given.
Materials and Methods: In this study, the relationship between albumin receptors and the high pDNA transfection efficiency of HSA-PEI was investigated by fluorescent microscopy and flow-cytometer in A549 cells.
Through subtle modification of the albumin molecule, the new technology enables researchers to flexibly optimize and manage the pharmacokinetics of a target protein while retaining efficiency.