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a widely distributed feldspar that forms rocks

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The pattern consisted of diffuse peaks with sharp quartz peaks and small albite and mullite peaks proper to low crystallinity and probable presence of a glassy phase.
Then, a progressive metamorphism in these rocks is marked by the passing of greenschist facies mineralogy [actinolite + chlorite + quartz + plagioclase (albite) + epidote minerals [+ or -] muscovite [+ or -] calcite] to epidote-amphibolite facies mineralogy [hornblende + epidote minerals + quartz + albite [+ or -] garnet], and finally to amphibolite facies mineralogy [hornblende + garnet + plagioclase [+ or -] quartz].
The new Albite series of LED home lamps is different from older LED products.
However garnet [9], albite [10], quartz [11] & Glass fibre [12] reinforced Al Composites exhibited higher corrosion resistance compared to their matrix alloys.
XRD analysis revealed formation of new mineral phases like nepheline and albite after exposing geopolymer specimen to 900[degrees]C, as a result of chemical changes occurred due to viscous sintering.
The mineral Cleavelandite, a variety of albite, was named after him.
Unit-cell parameters of the microcline-low albite and the sanidine-high albite solid solution series.
8]) that show continuous solid solution from albite to anorthite, with CaAl replacing NaSi as the series progresses.
The most common groundmass texture is intergranular, with seriate, very fine- to coarse-grained, finely albite twinned and tapered labradorite laths, stubby augite prisms, subequant olivine grains and platy to equant opaque grains.
Unit cell refinements were calculated by multiple regression according to the procedure of Appleman and Evans (1973) using the 14 K-feldspar singlet peaks that are independent of any potential quartz or albite interference.
Samples of quartz, microcline, and albite in five silt-size ranges were annealed at 250[degrees]C and then dosed with 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 mrads of radiation from a Cobalt-60 source (total samples).
As to the rarity of sodium in meteorites, they do contain traces of albite, a feldspar which contains sodium.
6%) Microcline often intergrown graphically and are sometimes perthitic with albite occurring as patchy perthite.
The Effect of Albite Wastes on Glaze Properties and Microstructure of Soft Porcelain Zinc Crystal Glazes", Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 21, [8], 1131-1138, 2001.
The hydrothermal system consists of variably developed ankerite, sericite, albite alteration with quartz-tourmaline veins and sulphides dominated by pyrite.