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the congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair

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According to her, 'people living with albinism are just as normal as other people; they cry, they smile; they have emotions and the same amount of brain cells.
Ero is an international advocacy and legal officer of Under the Same Sun, an NGO focusing on albinism.
For her extraordinary feat, she was feted by the Albinism Society of Kenya and the Kenya Society for the Blind.
Albinism is most well-known for how it affects humans: The genetic defect prevents skin from producing any pigment.
Ali explores his own outsider status on "Pray for Me," a powerful track about the pain and humiliation he faced growing up with albinism and his long road toward self-acceptance.
Caption: Figure 5 The normal visual pathway (left) and the visual pathway in ocular albinism (right).
Albinism groups say more than 90% of people with the condition in Africa die before they reach 40-years-old.
When she decides to get rid of Lilly, whose albinism she calls an abomination, the effect of her fury is manifest in characters who must learn to forget her influence.
The book also looks at random patterning, albinism and camouflage.
As we commemorate International Albinism Awareness Day today, we all know that persons with albinism are often noticed by many but truly seen by very few.
ISLAMABAD -- International Albinism Awareness day will be observe on June 13, (Tuesday) across the globe with an aim to stop the brutalities against people with albinism.
Tuesday marks International Albinism Awareness Day, established by the United Nations to bring global attention to understanding albinism and fighting discrimination and stigma.
Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is a group of genetically heterogeneous autosomal recessively inherited disorders characterized by decreased or absent pigmentation in the hair, skin, and eyes.
CHS can be suspected on presentation of partial oculocutaneous albinism with a history of recurrent infections.
Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is a disorder of defective melanin biosynthesis that is characterized by hypo-pigmentation of skin, hair and retinal pigment epithelium.