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the congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair

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Albinism can be inherited by direct reproduction of albino specimens or indirectly by crossing of recessive individuais of normal color.
The National Organization For Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) has asked Ron Howard to make sure the film does not portray its albino character as a red-eyed psycho I despite the fact thatOs how he is described in the book.
The odds of a human being born with the characteristics of albinism are only about one in 20,000," says Dr.
The Jamaican dundus and albinism more broadly are symbolic forms embedded in a wider social discourse whose geographical and temporal boundaries shift from Jamaica, to the wider Caribbean, to the United States and from the late eighteenth century to the present," writes Dr.
The absence of tyrosine, or its end-product melanin, results in albinism (the lack of pigmentation).
In contrast, there are no published records of albinism among captive-reared S.
Mice, as well as humans who have albinism or lack of pigmentation, have profound vision loss and changes in the eye structure, especially the macula, the oval-shaped area near the center of the retina associated with a person's ability to see clearly.
The book showcases photography of people afflicted with Albinism in Africa and particularly in the DRCC1/4, with the aim of improving public awareness.
The ten-year-old from Middlesbrough was born with oculacultaneous albinism - a condition which affects his eyesight and skin.
VISITORS TO APEX: TIP TOLAND AT PORTLAND ART Museum first meet the milky, faraway stare of a Tanzanian boy with albinism rendered in clay.
We asked for a referral to a specialist who confirmed that Cameron had Oculocutaneous albinism.
In the East African country at the equator one in every 2,500 inhabitants is a person with albinism.
Experts say albinism shows up when a bird inherits the albino gene from both parents.
I love the DJ Yellowman; he embodies survival, the unlikely winner, an orphan with albinism who rose to the top of his game - the king of dancehall.