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Like gases, crystals, animals and even globs of mayonnaise, computer-generated cellular automate are composed of particles or cells, albeit computational rather than material ones.
More than $7 million will go to provide emergency mental health care at county hospitals - albeit none in the San Fernando Valley hospitals quite yet.
9 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, two physicians conclude there is evidence -- albeit somewhat tenuous -- for the usefulness of drinking cranberry juice in preventing and treating urinary tract infections.
III first-round playoff game featured only one blemish, albeit minor: A missed 31-yard field goal.
But she can still play the piano, albeit not superbly.
98) Stanley Kubrick's perverse sex odyssey finds Tom Cruise fending off lusty models (he was still married to Nicole Kidman at the time, both in real life and the movie, albeit unhappily at least in the film) and treating a naked bimbo who has overdosed after sexing up Sidney Pollack at a lavish Christmas party.
MODESTO - The JetHawks have made defense their specialty, albeit for the wrong reasons.
Based on our evidence, we find that the tactics employed, albeit unique, were resourceful and the level of force utilized by law enforcement personnel at the scene was both reasonable and lawful under the circumstances,'' Deputy District Attorney Michael Mallano wrote in the review of the incident.
Throughout all of that, I didn't know any different, so I feel grateful for where I came from,'' explains Murphy, who is still quite pleased to live with her mother, albeit in a big Hollywood Hills estate recently purchased from Britney Spears.