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the ratio of reflected to incident light

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In the north is a broad, bright belt of relatively smooth volcanic plains, whose albedo, or reflectivity, averages about 0.
The high temperature is also the most likely explanation for WASP-12b's low albedo.
Experts can use albedo to learn about the composition of a planet's atmosphere, because different ingredients reflect light differently.
Albedo is a new age music artist who also writes in the classical and soundtrack genres.
The team was surprised to find that in most cases, the extra energy embodied in the cool material far outweighed the energy savings from increasing the albedo.
If they are pursued in conjunction with moderate albedo modification, however, there is a chance of halting rising temperatures, helping to keep the world under 1.
Another climate feedback is due to surface albedo: a surface cooling, for example, increases ice and snow cover, which leads to an increased surface albedo and to a further cooling of the surface (Budyko 1969; Sellers 1969; Ghil 1976).
The heat island effect can be counteracted slightly by using white or reflective materials to build houses, roofs, pavements and roads, thus increasing the overall albedo of the city.
Mas aun, hay recientes publicaciones de peso que traen directamente a colacion la intervencion del cambio climatico, pero restringiendola a solamente la modificacion del albedo a gran escala [3, 4], despreciando efectos biofisicos a pequena escala como los que producen los cambios en el albedo vegetacional.
Surface albedo substantially affects net radiation; thus, many satellites carry sensors (TM - Landsat 5, ETM+ - Landsat 7, AVHRR-NOAA, MODIS - Terra/Aqua, ASTER - Terra, among others) that determine and monitor the Earth's surface albedo.
O albedo de superficie e uma das componentes mais importantes do balanco de radiacao, pois exerce um controle na quantidade de energia que e absorvida pela superficie terrestre, atuando no balanco final de radiacao e energia (GOMES, 2009).
The research showed that compared to pure snow and ice the reflectivity of the glacier, also known as the albedo, can fall by up to 80% in places where coloured microbial populations are extremely dense, leading to darkening of the glacier surface.
Albedo is the technical term for the surface quality that reflects solar radiation.
The cargo vessel, MV Albedo, on which Kumar was a sailor, had been hijacked 1,500 km off the coast of Somalia while sailing from the United Arab Emirates to Kenya.
Ademas, el cambio del albedo terrestre producto del reverdecimiento supone un cambio del ciclo del agua favoreciendo la frecuencia de lluvias (Laine, 2013), de acuerdo con investigaciones realizadas en Australia (Paltridge, 1991), Africa (Fuller and Ottke, 2002), y Suramerica (Doughty et al, 2012).