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a white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves

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The majority of ALB are the primary agents of woody bio-corrosion in forests.
Lucas, Labor Law Article 6: A Misunderstood Law that Fully Protects All Employees' Wages, 80 ALB.
ALB has been his world for about 13 years now, starting with the original infestation in New York, but he became something of a general in the battle when he took over the Worcester operation in 2008.
Indeed, Fig 4 shows the surface pressure and 925 hPa wind responses for ALBVEG with respect to CNTRL (the response in ALB is very similar and therefore not shown), which indicate a positive pressure anomaly just to the north of Sahel around 20N and north easterly diverging winds in the Sahel region that are leading to moisture flux divergence.
The magazine's editorial team has exceptional knowledge of the region and will work closely with colleagues across Reuters to bring customers reliable and trustworthy news, along with authoritative and unbiased insight," said Andrew Goldner, managing director of ALB.
The ALB Blumberg lease names all monies coming to the landlord as "additional rent" to secure income owed.
In 2009, the head of grounds maintenance approached the senior author about control options for ALB on campus.
Division IIA: 3D Dyn B v Howden Cl B, Halifax Irish v Silkstone, Hepworth U v Ossett Alb, Honley v Lepton High, Wakefield U v Battyeford.
Because albumin is the most abundant protein in the body and is synthesized by the liver, we hypothesized that ALB (albumin) mRNA should be detectable in human plasma and could possibly be a diagnostically sensitive marker of liver pathologies.
Vicars wear the alb, a voluminous garment believed to have descended from the Roman undergarment called a tunica, held in place by the cincture, a white, tasselled cord.
At all the meetings, FEl staff conducted Leaders Workshops, followed by the ALB meetings the next day.
based ALB has made lamb sales data available to the retail community; meat case directors can now view dollar and pound shares by protein and within lamb, by cut on a monthly basis.
Larval ALB and EAB, either exposed directly to vacuum or inserted into wood at various moisture levels, were subjected to different temperatures and pressures to determine desiccation rates and lethal percentage weight loss.
The alb is loose fitting and covers the entire body.