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(of seeds or insects) having winglike extensions


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Observations of Black Swift diet outside the US include those made by Holroyd (1993) who collected droppings of adult and nestling Black Swifts in Alberta, Canada that contained digested but identifiable insect parts apparently all representing alate ants.
The primary evidential items sought in wall voids by inspectors are bodies of alate termites from previous swarms, fecal pellets, and potentially the "kick-out" holes used by termites to cast out fecal pellets from the gallery.
For Reticulitermes in the southeastern United States, slightly different morphology of alate heads is useful for species identification (Messenger, 2002).
2001) reported information related to the geographical distribution, ecology, biology, and morphology of both apterous and alate viviparous females of A.
ALATE APRIL Wall Street Journal article analyzed Coca-Cola Co.
St Valentine's Day UV Massacre Nags Head, Lazenby Tomorrow Entry PS5 ALATE St Valentine's Day party this weekend boasts an eclectic line-up of bands, DJs and dancers performing.
ALATE breakfast and Race Horses are enjoying their first meal after signing a record deal.
ALATE October jaunt to Majorca in the search for sun may seem like a bit of a gamble on paper.
Alate termites swarm three or four times a year, usually in summer.
Before Denman first ran in Ireland he had a hobday operation but he didn't have his soft p alate cauterised, so we had that done a week after the Hennessy, and I just hope that it will improve him slightly and allow him to finish off his races a little better.
Grant hit out at referee Michael Oliver for not awarding his side alate penalty after City substitute Jean Beausejour appeared to pull back Lars Jacobsen inside the penalty box.
Capsule broadly ovate, to 5cm long, dark brown and lustrous; seeds alate, nearly triangular, 3-4mm.
Alate surgebyCalvaryBlues has put them in contention for runners up spot in the under-13 B division.
Leon Constantine grabbed alate goal for Hereford - but boss John Trewick was still furious with his Bulls.