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a mild form of smallpox caused by a less virulent form of the virus

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Downie and Dumbell (1947) recovered variola major virus from crusts stored at room temperature, in the dark or in daylight, for up to 1 year; Wolff and Croon (1968) recorded the persistence of viable alastrim (variola minor) virus in scabs kept in envelopes in a laboratory cupboard for over 13 years.
It is clear then that smallpox virus, even the alastrim strain, could remain infective, if in the right form, for much longer than was once supposed and fomites had infected populations in vafious areas of the world.
Alastrim que la actitud satirica de Silva en Gotas amargas no solo favorecio concepciones anti-romanticistas, sino tambien, unos anos mas tarde, al anti-modernismo que proclamaran Luis Carlos Lopez y otros poetas.
Em 1930, o numero de casos de variola decresceu substancialmente, e na decada seguinte predominou a variola minor ou alastrim.
Hoje, acredita-se que o virus causador da variola major nao difere, a nao ser pela expressao clinica, da variola minor (ou alastrim, como denominado no Brasil).