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having or resembling wings

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Marc Alary is a French-born, New York-based jewelry designer who, since launching his first collection in November 2009, has created exquisite collections using precious metals and precious stones.
As a student and teacher of the Bible, Alary found herself mediating heated discussions about whether or not something in scripture--such as the creation story in Genesis--happened historically.
The daughter of Monsun had destroyed a Group One field by six lengths previously in the Prix Saint- Alary at Longchamp on soft ground, and proved conclusively here that she handles quicker conditions just as well.
Ensemble mainman Oliver Alary has worked with Bjork in the non-too-distant past and it's easy to see why the Icelandic wonder was attracted to his work if this is anything to go by.
Godolphin's trainer, successful with Moonshell in 1995 and Kazzia 12 months ago, reports the RL Davison Pretty Polly Stakes winner and Prix Saint Alary runner-up is in fine shape.
I'm a `dry rice on the bottom of the space shuttle and 747 transjet' technician,'' said Vern Alary, 40, of Santa Clarita, a Boeing float volunteer and employee of its Rocketdyne Propulsion and Power Division in Canoga Park.
5,868,727; James Barr, Marc Alary, Henri Brisebois, Paul Lefebvre and Anita Dupressoir, assignors to Johnson & Johnson, Montreal, Canada.
1991; Alary, Laga, Vuylsteke, Nzila, & Piot, 1996).
today announced that Pierre Alary has been appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation.