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Synonyms for alarmist

Synonyms for alarmist

one who needlessly alarms others


Words related to alarmist

a person who alarms others needlessly

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But if alarmists get their way ahead of an upcoming United Nations "Climate Change" summit in Paris this December, Abbott will not be the last to fall.
Today we hear alarmist claims that without elimination of fossil fuels, we're facing mass extinction," Will Coggin, director of research at the Environmental Policy Alliance, said.
As for the latest politically-adjusted report from the alarmists at the IPCC, their initial scare was that rising temperatures were causing the climate to change outside natural variability.
Most complaints were about the use of the word "exterminate", which they said was alarmist and misleading because the trial cull was only in two areas of England.
Speaking to state broadcaster CyBC, Kassinis said the media needs to stop publishing alarmist reports and wait for the official results to be announced in the coming days.
These are alarmist reports which should not be taken at face value," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told mediapersons.
Manmohan Singh described it as alarmist and added that such reports should not be taken at face value.
They have not been alarmist and have monitored the situation for radium contamination closely and sensibly.
Rather than pushing out alarmist, inaccurate and misleading comments like this, the RCA might be better off doing proper research into the detail of what courses are doing with race programmes and why.
It certainly sounds alarmist but experts warn that it will become a reality unless people change their lifestyles.
It's interesting, however, that when journalists seek interviews with those in the know, somehow the alarmist tone melts away amid vague calls for people to be "more aware of the risks" and, in the case of the Assembly Government, turns into a concerted effort not to answer our questions.
This is a disappointing departure away from evidence-based reasoning and into the realm of sci fi and alarmist futurology," said an NFU spokesman.
YOUR readers who believe the alarmist claims of global warming campaigners may be surprised to learn that the British Antarctic Survey now admits that the Antarctic ice shelf has not been retreating as previously suggested but has expanded at the rate of 100,000 sq kms per decade since the 1970s.
Climate Confusion has solid science on how weather operates, but most space is devoted to climate alarmist motivations, biases, and social networks.
From the more alarmist wings of the association management community comes some interesting literature about the future of associations (like NEHA and our many affiliates) and the likelihood of our survival.