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Analysts were virtually unanimous in attributing Abbott's electoral success to his party's plan to scrap the carbon tax and put the taxpayer-funded global-warming alarmism on ice.
The important thing is that the president has decided to take a stand and made it clear to the career hard-liners that he will not be intimidated by their alarmism and distortion of the truth.
8220;It is particularly encouraging in light of the growing alarmism shown in Ontario and elsewhere, where wind and solar are being blamed for rising electricity rates.
For Wordsworth's comment, which he makes waiting for news of the current war, while putting his ear to the ground of an earlier war, puts into question the voluntary, sustained, and teleological form of attention demanded by the wartime alarmism that consumed the national imagination during the period's pervasive panic about an imminent French invasion.
At the rally, Rothbard declared that he was honoured to stand with the Polish people in a "new battle for freedom against those who would use environmental and climate alarmism to steal away our liberties and give international bureaucrats control over our energy sources, our daily lives, our prosperity, and our national sovereignty" (CFACT.
Some of the authors argue that "we should accept the reality and seek to learn more about these deals with a spirit of inquiry that steers clear of undue alarmism and Pollyannaism alike" (6).
That was 2004, an era when the 80s alarmism had subsided and the myths of how the disease could be contracted should have been busted.
The alarmism at the estimated GDP growth rate plummeting to 5 per cent revealed that the media as well as the more prosperous sections of the country hold a rather narrow view of what constitutes progress.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, he veers from inflamed alarmism to cold, sober mathematics.
The new Egyptian constitution: an initial assessment of its merits and flaws A very fair and balanced take that refutes both the unwarranted alarmism of its opponents and the ridiculous "best constitution evah" line of the MB.
The report calls for attention to all these areas, including but not only sufficient funding for family planning and integrated reproductive health services and a move away from population alarmism.
MIT atmospheric science professor Richard Lindzen says: "Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves labeled as industry stooges.
State Department's coordinator for counter-terrorism, cautioned against alarmism in comments to an international security forum in Algiers.
Atomic Obsession: Nuclear Alarmism from Hiroshirna to Al Qaeda.
YOUR front-page report 'Thousands at Risk of Losing Homes' (The Journal, June 21) declaring that people in our region were more at risk of losing their homes than anywhere else in the country was sheer alarmism, not to mention untrue.