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motionlessness attributable to a temporary paralysis


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The Mayo criteria (all must be met) for diagnosis of this syndrome include the presence of transient left ventricle apical akinesis or dyskinesis, absence of obstructive coronary disease, new electrocardiographic abnormalities and absence of concurrent conditions such as head trauma, intracranial bleeding, phaeochromocytoma, myocarditis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (15).
Cardiac catheterization at that time showed 100% left anterior descending artery and 90% posterior LV artery occlusion, diffuse circumflex disease, "faint" right to left collaterals from the right coronary artery to the left anterior descending artery, severely reduced LV function with anterior akinesis, and an anteroapical aneurysm.
Akinesis of the mid to distal anterior wall of the left ventricle was also noted.
ECHO findings were positive for focal anterior and lateral segmental akinesis with an LVEF of 40% to 44%.
Her echocardiogram and angiographic left ventriculogram revealed severe hypokinesis to akinesis of the anterolateral wall and apex with an ejection fraction of 35%, and the chest radiograph showed florid pulmonary edema.
An echocardiogram showed a left ventricular ejection fraction of approximately 40% with akinesis of the apex and distal two-thirds of the ventricular septum.
Aboul-Nasr and Erakey (16) found that immobile or akinesis state of bedbugs C.
CMRI short axis (SAX) (Figure 1), two-chamber (2CH) (Figure 2), three-chamber (3CH) (Figure 3), and four-chamber (4CH) (Figure 4) CINE imaging confirm global mild hypokinesis with proximal apical-inferior wall thinning and akinesis, and mid- and basilar-inferior septum, inferior wall, and posterior-lateral wall myocardial thinning with mild hypokinesis.
A further echocardiogram on postoperative day 7 demonstrated akinesis of the apex, distal anterolateral, septal and inferior walls with hyperdynamic contraction of the basal half of the ventricle.
Echocardiography showed a 5-cm pericardial mass adhering to the left lateral and posterior ventricular wall, resulting in severe akinesis of the cardiac wall (Fig.