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In Metropolitan San Antonio, Akin Gump is listed as having 25 pro bono cases in 2017.
In the example above, Akin was almost on the verge of joining up and could very easily have been lured into taking drugs.
Daming i-a-adjust talaga kasi sa CDSL lahat ng bola sa akin.
But it simply wasn't Akin, who is known for tackling contemporary issues using equal amounts of humor and tragedy in his films.
The company said the appointment of Akin brings the total number of directors to seven.
Akin holds a Master's Degree in Information Systems from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University.
Adding insult to injury, Akin adviser Rick Tyler weighed in Monday on Twitter, using an obscenity to describe what dog McCaskill would be, "if Claire McCaskill were a dog," Fox news reports.
This is an extraordinary group of lawyers entering the prime of their careers," Akin Gump Chairman Bruce McLean said in a statement.
But on Tuesday, Blunt stepped back from his condemnation, saying he'll be working for the entire Missourian Republican ticket "and that includes Todd Akin.
Charles Jaco, host of the television show on which Akin made his remarks, told David Taintor of the website talkingpointsmemo.
Akin owns and operates Webb Footed Kennels and has developed a solid reputation for training outstanding animals.
Akin backtracked on his position yesterday, saying he was wrong to claim the female body could shut down reproduction when raped.
Fearing a monumental backlash that would harm efforts by Romney to reverse that polling trend, Republican leaders closed ranks and essentially ordered Akin to go.
Summary: Republican Todd Akin apologises over his comment about 'legitimate rape'.
Senate candidate Todd Akin from Missouri that women's bodies are capable of preventing pregnancies from "a legitimate rape" and that pregnancies are rare in rape cases.