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a woman aviator

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ELITE TEAM Airwoman Debbie Keating, Cpl Tom McGee, Capt Donal Curran, Capt Conor Moore, with SARO Cpls Niall Robinson and Keith Mooney
One former airwoman recalls taking her RCAF issue summer skirt to a dressmaker and having it lined so it would hang properly and not resemble a flour sack.
One young soldier called out: "Sarge, I think I've seen a young airwoman with an early sign of gas poisoning.
In 1997, the nation was transfixed when Lieutenant Kelly Flinn, the first female B-52 pilot, was discharged from the Air Force on charges of an adulterous affair with a civilian married to an airwoman (along with charges of insubordination and making a false statement).
As depicted by the stories, the first of which appeared on April 28, Flinn, a high-profile, outstanding airwoman who once flew a plane for the Air Force secretary, was being court-martialed for committing adultery with the spouse of an enlisted person, a man who had lied to her about his marital status.
Marc Zigo, a former football coach with film star looks, lived with his wife, Gayla, an airwoman, at the same base.
Best is Amelia, which transforms the mystery of missing airwoman Amelia Earhart into a parable of feminism and romantic self-discovery.
The intrepid airwoman, who was later to disappear as she circumnavigated the globe, strode up to a bemused Irish farmer and addressed him in French.
BRAVE airwoman Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill died "one of the RAF's finest" after triumphantly living out her lifelong dream.
AIRMAN Kristoffer Tott, 22, whose family lives in Stockton, is killed in a car crash days before marrying his US airwoman fiancAe.
A former Air Force lady told us of an experience when she was called upon to "boost" the morale of an 18-year-old airwoman.
As reported, the senior aircraftsman with the RAF had been due to wed his fiancAe, US airwoman Blair Anderson, also 22, earlier this month.
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