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channel into a new direction


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7-8, quoted in Mac Airt, 150: "nar fagbhadh neach d'fhuidheall an air / gan chnaimhghearradh"; ibid.
En cuanto a las publicaciones, en versiones iniciales de los congresos mundiales de la AIRT, en los 60s y 70s, el pais anfitrion editaba y publicaba las ponencias en el libro memorias del evento, con el tiempo el volumen de ponencias obligaba a editar y publicarlas en varios volumenes.
That McCarthy has some awareness of the Mac Airt legend seems almost certain: biographers note Cormac McCarthy's name change (from Charles) and its resulting resemblance to the Irish high king of legend whose name is spelled, among other varieties, Cormac Macarthaigh, Mac Airt, or McCarthy (Arnold "Intro" 2, Brickman 123).
AirT is also one of the largest small aircraft air cargo operators in the US.
Related to the Fenian sagas is a series of tales concerning Cormac mac Airt, his grandfather Conn of the Hundred Battles, and his son Cairbre of the Liffey.
This contemporary tale of love, lust, anger and revenge is loosely based on the 18th century poem Caoineadh Airt Ui Laoghaire.
For example, it was rather astonishing to see Ireland's most famous, traditional lyric, the Caoineadh Airt Ui Laoghaire ("Keen for Art O'Leary," 1773), lamented by Eibhlin Ni Chonaill over the corpse of her murdered husband, completely overlooked.
AEGI gaie (7) AEGN gane AEGR rage AEGS sage AEGT gate AEIN aine (6) AEIR aire AEIS saie (6) AEIT itea EENR near AENS sane AENT neat AERS eras AERT rate AEST seat AGIN agin AGIR gair AGIS gais (7) AGIT gait AGNR gran AGNS snag AGNT gnat AGRS rags AGRT grat AGST stag AINR rain AINS sain AINT anti AIRS airs AIRT airt AIST airs ANRS arns ARNT rant ANST tans ARST star EGIN glen EGIR geir (7) EGIS egis EGIT tige EGNR gren (7) EGNS gens EGNT gent ERGS ergs ERGT gret (6) EGST gest EINR rein EINS sine EINT tine EIRS rise EIRT tire EIST site ENRS eros ERNT rent ENST nest ERST rest GINR grin GINS gins GINT ting GIRS rigs GIRT girt GIST gist GNRS GNRT GNST GRST INRS fins INRT trin INST tins IRST stir NRST
ASOCIACION INTERNACIONAL DE RELACIONES DE TRABAJO; XII Congreso Mundial de AIRT, "Integracion Global y Desafios para las Relaciones Industriales y la Administracion de Recursos Humanos en el Siglo XXI", Tokio (Japon), 29 de mayo a 2 de junio de 2000, International Industrial Relations Association, "XII World Congress", Descripcion de los temas.
Sean Mac Airt and Gearoid Mac Niocaill (Dublin, 1983-), i.
Oh wert thou in the cauld blast, On yonder lea, on yonder lea; My plaidie to the angry airt, I'd shelter thee, I'd shelter thee (1-4) (70)
First, he discusses Caoineadh Airt Ui Laoghaire [1773] (1961), his standard edition of Eibhlin Ni Chonaill's Lament over the murder of her husband.
Sheltered from every airt and what a lovely house it was, that is now just a few tumbled heaps of rubble.