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Synonyms for airstream

a relatively well-defined prevailing wind

the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller

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After a couple of years' absence, Airstream returns with the appointment of a new UK distributor.
Manufactured since the 1930s, 70% of Airstreams made are still in use around the world, with celebrity owners including Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey.
The cocktail airstream will be at Hawker Yard on Pershore Street from 5pm to midnight today and from noon until midnight tomorrow.
Airstream campers are for guests who want to get off the grid but without without roughing it at a campsite.
Weighing in at 2,910 pounds, the Airstream Globe Trotter comprises an all-metal, all-riveted body with double rubber-sealed doors and windows which are 'aircraft tight', with vibration-proof fastenings.
In 1936, following Bowlus bankruptcy, Byam bought some of the Bowlus equipment, re-employed some of his workers and re-badged the companys aluminium trailers as Airstream.
Airstream president and CEO, Bob Wheeler, said, 'With a 67-point inspection requirement, this branded Certified Pre-Owned warranty will help Airstream give peace of mind to our customers and provide additional value to our dealer partners in offering a unique product in our industry.
Their trailer of choice: Baby, a custom 1957 Airstream they scored on Craigslist.
As a result, the air flows upward over the patient and gets entrained back into the supply airstream.
He explained that the weather pattern is being caused by a southwesterly airstream that is affecting England and Wales throughout the weekend.
The Chopping Block, based at Flecknoe, near Rugby, has purchased a new airstream trailer which is being used to cater at high-profile festivals and events.
The evaporation of water cools one side of the heat exchanger, while the other side provides a cool, dry airstream without picking up humidity the way an older swamp cooler would.
Built into a retrofitted 1965 Airstream trailer, the fully loaded mobile bar is the brainchild of entrepreneur Greg Medow.
GMP), Trevose, PA, introduces the AirStream Cable Blowing Machine to its line of fiber optic cable placing equipment.