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motion sickness experienced while traveling by air (especially during turbulence)

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Reasons for DOR attrition by base and type of pre-UPT training Total DOR = 57 No data available from Moody (n = 9) Reason for DOR available (n = 48) Total DOR from UPT after IFT = 15 Persistent Did not enjoy airsickness Reason flying, lack of issues despite Personal and for DOR desire to fly treatment family issues UPT Base IFT IFS IFT IFS IFT IFS Columbus 1 9 1 Vance 2 1 1 1 Laughlin 2 8 1 2 2 Sheppard 1 1 Total 4 20 2 2 2 3 % by 4/15 20/33 2/15 2/33 2/15 3/33 training 27% 61% 13% 6% 13% 9% % of total 24/48 4/48 5/48 DOR 50% 8.
That cool air sure felt good as airsickness came on.
As the helicopter hovered over Gaedcke, Peter's 18-year-old sister, Hannah, and a friend dropped water bottles cushioned in airsickness bags to the struggling hiker.
The drop can be harrowing as well as nauseating, and stepping off the plane with a full airsickness bag in hand is not the best way to start an assignment.
Eydin Hansen, an aerospace physiologist assigned to the 75th Aeromedical Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, "and it's the number one culprit of airsickness.
Australian media reported the note was written on an airsickness bag found in or near one of the aircraft's toilets.
As she climbed out of the fighter jet at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, she removed her helmet and proudly held up her airsickness bag, empty and dry.
Accepted for pilot training with the RAF, he had to give it up because of a tendency to airsickness.
The B vitamins are known as the catalytic spark plugs of the body, so are a good 'must have' vitamin to take travelling - for anything from fluid retention to jet lag and airsickness.
The flight on 19 January from London, UK to Orlando, Florida was diverted to Iceland after Michael Philippe reported to the captain and another flight attendant that he had found a message that there was a bomb on board, written on an airsickness bag in the toilet.
There's a roaring global interest in these items - and there is even an Airsickness Bag Virtual Museum on the Internet, featuring pictures of bags half-inched from airlines all over the world.
My knees went wobbly, and believe me it wasn't the airsickness.