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Synonyms for airscrew

a propeller that rotates to push against air

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Motor Sich will supply engines and their spare parts and Russia's Aerosila will supply AV-17 airscrews.
The first Avon to fly took off on 15 August 1948, nearly 15 years after the air ministry had stated that the jet could not be a "serious competitor to the airscrew engine combination".
A company called Jicwood, later Airscrew Jicwood, went into production there making doors for Lancaster bombers, among other things.
Opening throttle will also increase the possibility of trail formation due to local reduction of pressure on the airscrew or wings.
MAR 1938 American Airlines approves the feathering Hamilton hydraulic airscrew for service.
Even common terms like truck, battery and propeller can be hazards, for in British English they are lorry, accumulator and airscrew.
Owners of two-bladed props can upgrade to the three-bladed airscrew from Hartzell at www.