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3], the maximum allowed total oil content for class 1, said Isabelle De Wolf, head of the filtration R&D team of Atlas Copco Airpower.
The best of Wildenberg's analysis is the contrast between public perception and the realities of airpower events--most notably the sinking of the captured battleship Ostfriesland--that serve as monuments to the creation of the US Air Force.
Airpower cannot win any war because planes cannot occupy ground, which is the basic metric of war.
Few people should take statements of airpower supremacy following World War II and DESERT STORM seriously, just as they must also force policymakers to account for their expectation of precise, cheap, and ethically "clean" airpower campaigns over strategic choices.
In this sense, it is noteworthy that this ascendant ISR capability--particularly, from our remotely-piloted aircraft like Predator and Reaper--is itself an important manifestation of the tailorable nature of airpower, in addition to being an enabler of precision.
Critics, Mattis among them, argue that Warden assumed a closed system and that governments and the societies they lead are more aptly characterized as open and adaptive systems--and much less susceptible to shock and paralysis than the airpower theorists are willing to admit.
He leads a team of military professionals that ensures airpower is overhead, especially for ground forces in Afghanistan and Iraq who come in contact with the enemy.
Rather than focus on tactical airpower application, Airpower in Small Wars presents the overall context of insurgent and counterinsurgent efforts.
at the University of Glasgow, Henriksen (airpower, Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy) wrote a dissertation on NATO's use of airpower in Kosovo.
American Airlines, a subsidiary of AMR Corp (NYSE: AMR), and the Fort Worth Airpower Foundation are to host this year's Sky Ball to support families of American troops.
For these two Ventura County veterans, walking into the WWII Airpower Heritage Museum housed in a hangar at Camarillo Airport brings back vivid memories.
Daso also highlights a unique aspect of Arnold's life--his appreciation for the integral relationship between science, technology, and airpower.
argues that the effectiveness of airpower needs to be reevaluated in terms of its effectiveness in the Gulf War and in its potential to future conflicts.