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the art of operating aircraft


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Fortunately, a majority of the supplemental pilots are highly experienced pilots with proven airmanship and decision-making skills.
In these success stories, the involved aircrew did follow NATOPS, SOPs, and exercised good airmanship (including ORM and CRM).
The following research question was formulated: When pilots referred to the term airman and airmanship, could complementary factors in the inventory of pilots' perceptions of the airman's personal attitude be identified?
The training systems allow personnel to practice airmanship skills, operational missions and emergency and maintenance tasks in a low risk, high benefit environment.
For a private pilot such as Mr McRae, lacking the necessary training, experience or requirement to do so, embarking upon such demanding, low-level flying in such difficult terrain, was imprudent, unreasonable and contrary to the principles of good airmanship.
The principles under general responsibility of instructors, for example, include: make safety the number one priority, demonstrate excellent in airmanship, and aspire to professionalism.
Empson takes the time to explain now arcane flying boat departure and recovery operations that took as much seamanship as airmanship.
Just as we continuously develop our technical skills, we do the same with our Airmanship.
British Airways, Boeing South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority has praised the airmanship of British Airways Boeing 747-400 pilots who battled to prevent a low-altitude stall after the leading-edge slats unexpectedly retracted during lift-off from Johannesburg.
Delivering his verdict at Harrogate Magistrates Court, he said: "Against a background of deteriorating administration, airmanship and discipline, the helicopter crashed.
Delivering his verdict at Harrogate Magistrates Court yesterday, he said: "Against a background of deteriorating administration, airmanship and discipline, the helicopter crashed.
He believes that alternative ways of building airmanship exist and that Airmen can learn to extract three-dimensional situational awareness from a two-dimensional screen.
Quite frankly, I am absolutely amazed at the airmanship of the US Airways pilot who managed to bring down his crippled aircraft on the Hudson River last week.
Addressing mediapersons here on Thursday, the Air Marshal said that the neighbouring country is scared of the IAF's airmanship and marksmanship.
Air Force Academy cadets who went through the school's Airmanship 490 course last year.