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Synonyms for airmail

letters and packages that are transported by aircraft

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a system of conveying mail by aircraft

send or transport by airmail

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Saturday, December 9: Last post for airmail to Greece, Australia, and New Zealand.
Customizations for the Touch Bar support of Airmail include creating new messages, archiving, replying to emails, forwarding emails, trashing emails, snoozing, creating memos, making To Dos and unsubscribing from email lists.
Airmail, which already offers standardized customer service training, contacted the county organizations last year to expand programs available to employees, Kelly said.
I believe we have the two family Bibles and am anxious to try to trace relatives of the Irene and Hughie Woodford who wrote the airmails.
Praeger, the flawed hero of this story, had never flown but was adamant that airmail would be a success, despite the obstacles of weather and technology.
Tomorrow's renewal features Eagle Mountain, placed in a pair of Derbys, plus leading domestic hopes Airmail Special, a mover in the Arc market, and Zambezi Sun, owned by the sponsor Juddmonte.
UPS won a three-year contract from the US Postal Service to provide domestic air transport of mail to and from 98 cities, greatly expanding an arrangement under which it furnishes airmail services for 16 cities.
airmail stamps from 1918 with a biplane mistakenly printed upside down was auctioned in October for $2,970,000--a world record for a stamp item.
The purpose of Airmail is to allow an avenue for readers to submit their opinions.
Airmail should be sent by December 8 for countries outside Europe,apart from Canada,America and Japan (December 12).
based publisher asked how to price surcharges for overseas subscriptions, presumably for airmail delivery.
Subscribers outside the United States should add $50 to cover additional airmail costs.
The price of an airmail letter to Europe will change from 37p to 38p from March.
card, a record of recent travel expenses, a prayer card, a religious medal, a six-cent airmail stamp -- and $60 in cash.
The powdery substance that leaked out of an airmail envelope at the central post office of the city of Fukushima on Sunday was not anthrax, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Tuesday.