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a chamber that provides access to space where air is under pressure


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Add the yeast and yeast nutrient, fit an airlock and keep the demijohn in a warm place.
The way manufacturers can become more efficient is by not allowing things into or out of the system with our airlock valves.
BE is a criterion to quantify the effectiveness of cleanroom particle containment in preventing the particles' migration into the cleanroom through a barrier device, such as a single door, a double-door airlock, etc.
With a full line of double dump valves, rotary airlock feeder valves, slide gate valves, custom = valves, and Vacu-Valves, Aerodyne can meet any material handling need.
Fill your airlock with sterilized water (water to which you've added bleach or iodophor), insert it into a cork, dip your cork in the sterilizer, and plug the hole in the lid.
Airlock said that it has utilised Google Maps to help plot the migrations as they unfold.
The new Compact Airlock Sieve is the first real advance in sieving technology for ten years, with its pneumatic clamping system giving large improvements in product containment and operator health and safety.
CLEARING AIRLOCKS - If you have an airlock in your heating system, first try the radiator key to bleed all your radiators.
The void between the two shells varies in width, providing access to dressing rooms and backstage storage areas as well as creating an acoustic airlock around the auditorium.
Seclutions, a Swiss enterprise security software company, has launched ts flagship access control software, AirLock 2.
Fastcom Technology of Lausanne, Switzerland, has introduced the Smart Airlock Control System, a video-based alarm system that acts as an automatic door control and surveillance system for intruder and object detection in banks and other secured areas.
To minimise this loss Hunter has designed a protective entrance system that acts as an airlock.
For example, in an airlock between two Russian modules of the ISS, the crew will soon begin studies of an unusual type of plasma--a highly ionized gas--formulated by Morfill's team.
A team of specialist Norwegian divers has reportedly been able to open the damaged outer door, which they believed was intact, leaving an inner door to an airlock to be worked on.
The original experiment began in 1991 when eight "Biospherians" passed through an airlock to spend two years as human guinea pigs in the land-locked space station.