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a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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The core airline business comprising Air India and Air India Express, the low-cost overseas arm, will be offered as one company, and the process will be completed by the end of 2018, Bloomberg reported, quoting Junior Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha.
Without any bias, many of the African airlines including those gone and few still in existence have created the impression that airline business is almost an impossible enterprise whereas, Ethiopian has, however, shown that to run an airline business is not supposed to be a rocket science thing in the first place.
Overall, the airline business has benefited from the slump in aviation fuel;
This is the fifth year in succession that SWISS won the World Travel Awards' Europe's Leading Airline Business Class category, which covers both short-haul and long-haul routes.
JetPurple's novel airline business model delivers streamlined and efficient commercial airline flights that are at the same time a private jet travel experience, easily purchased online, at competitive prices.
8 billion) to focus on its passenger airline business.
All these factors combined in our airline business, coupled with the ongoing success of our independent aircraft leasing business, have resulted in our best first quarter results in the history of the Group,"said Boodai.
He brings with him more than 14 years of experience in key commercial and strategic planning areas of the airline business.
has been working to redevelop downtown Jamaica as an airline business hub for companies that serve nearby John F.
ONE of my favourite jokes asks how you make a small fortune from the airline business.
LOW-COST domestic airline Flybe, which runs three routes from Liverpool, has received clearance from the Office of Fair Trading for its proposed acquisition of the regional airline business of British Airways, BA Connect.
Make no mistake, FedEx and UPS are both in the airline business.
The airline business has been fighting for air in a world of Internet discounters.
Lufthansa's core passenger airline business posted a 78 per cent rise in first-half operating profit to pounds 71.
Stelios' showmanship, combined with a few of his low-cost maxims ("Consumers behave in a rational way when confronted with a value judgment; give them a product at the right price and they will take it"; "Think how can we transfer the workload to the customers"), helped turn easyJet into the fastest-growing of the top 150 airlines in the world, according to Airline Business magazine, and even introduced a new word into the lexicon.