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Synonyms for airlift

transportation of people or goods by air (especially when other means of access are unavailable)

fly people or goods to or from places not accessible by other means


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His opponents claimed that he arranged scholarships for family members and friends who had not properly qualified for the airlifts.
KENYA WOULD HAVE STRUGGLED to run itself in the early days, after the British lowered their Union Jack and left 50 years ago, had Tom Mboya, the Kenyan politician, not convinced US charities to give hundreds of young Africans--among them President Barack Obama's father--scholarships to study at American universities as part of an educational initiative that became known as "Operation Airlift Africa".
These are men and women who will help build our nation," Tom Mboya said of the students chosen to participate in the Airlift Africa initiative, which began in 1959 and ended as Kenya became independent in 1963.
According to a University of Nairobi study, more than half of the parliamentarians, top civil servants, and leaders of industry in post-independence Kenya were Airlift Africa alumni.
President Obama's father, Barack Obama (Senior), also received funding from Tom Mboya's Airlift Africa.
President Obama is proud of the part his father played in Airlift Africa.
According to Tunner, "General Cannon came over, apparently, with the idea that he was going to run the Berlin Airlift and I was determined he wasn't" (p.
A strong advocate of the importance of military airlift, Rivers relied on Tunner (then head of the Military Air Transport Service [MATS]) as a witness in hearings conducted by his Special Subcommittee on National Military Airlift in April 1960.
William Tunner constantly strove to expand the capabilities of military airlift.
Next month, she and 19 other adoptees will return to Vietnam on a trip sponsored by the airline that conducted the first airlift.
The relief airlift is scheduled to arrive at Baghdad International Airport on Sunday morning.
An airlift into Kirkuk in northern Iraq is scheduled for the week of May 19.
Flown by Spanish Air Force and EADS flight crews, the aircraft will provide much needed airlift for disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts.
After encountering rock-bottom morale in India when he took over the Hump Airlift in 1944, the general ensured all the sad sacks were cleanly shaven and that officers participated in parades every Saturday.
Examples include sending aircraft back to the States for 1000-mile heavy maintenance (1000 hours), six C-74 sorties on a single day of the Berlin Airlift flew in 250,000 tons (pounds) of coal, and setting the number of casualties airlifted out of Korea at 314,000 (other sources list the total number of troops wounded in action for the entire war at about 95,000).