airing cupboard

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a warm cupboard where you put newly washed clothes until they are completely dry

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A fire investigation showed it had been set in the airing cupboard with a lighter being used to torch some clothes.
They are put in a tray and popped into the airing cupboard for three days.
Mr and Mrs Roberts made their first yoghurt in 1980 in stainless steel buckets, cultured in the airing cupboard at their farmhouse at Tal y Bryn Dairy, Llannefydd.
2 CUT branches of early spring-flowering shrubs, such as forsythia when they are in bud, putting them in a vase of water and into the airing cupboard or warm place.
n Pick any unripened fruit from outdoor tomatoes and place them in a brown paper bag in a warm area such as an airing cupboard to ripen.
TWO drug dealers who hid PS75,000 of cocaine in an Acocks Green airing cupboard have been jailed for a total of nearly nine years.
Ask The Expert Q We've recently taken out the boiler from above the kitchen worktop and put a new one in the airing cupboard, but the pipework has left a hole in the corner of the worktop.
There is also a separate bathroom and airing cupboard The property also has a courtyard area to the front with mature shrubs and borders.
There's no mess with soil or compost - all you need is a jar and an airing cupboard to grow Chinese bean sprouts, also known as mung beans, which may not be as long as the ones you buy in supermarkets, but they'll be just as tasty.
TO keep your airing cupboard organised, iron and fold all matching bed linen and place inside one of the pillow cases of the set.
Upstairs on the landing there is an airing cupboard and doors leading off to three bedrooms and the bathroom.
Fire crews were called to Lothian Road, in Hartlepool, just before 7pm yesterday after an electrical fault in the airing cupboard led to a fire in the loft.
A mum who denied knowing there was pounds 100,000 worth of cannabis in her airing cupboard could be facing jail.
The lanterns make effective winter decorations, if you cut the fruiting stems and hang them upside down in an airing cupboard first to dry
My gran suggests cutting branches of early spring flowering shrubs such as Forsythia when they are in bud, putting them in a vase of water and into the airing cupboard or warm place.