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And the retro symbolism of "Jeannie" is, in hindsight, staggering: As Douglas notes, the "master" for whom the airheaded Jeannie makes trouble is that ultimate symbol of sixties male authority: an astronaut.
Thank goodness that primitive woman has now evolved -- into a bleached blonde, airheaded student of some sort, living in Taiwan.
Panjandrum #1 was Lord Longford, the airheaded spouse of brilliant historian Elizabeth Longford.
Structurally, the show also feels as if it's cheating a bit, since, despite Fred's explanation that "Memories remain with the soul," the airheaded Deb retains Jane's legal acumen.
The central premise of Crispin Whittell's clever ``Darwin in Malibu,'' making its American premiere at the Falcon Theatre, is that Darwin, comfortably spending eternity with an airheaded blonde named Sarah, receives a visit from a couple of contemporaries -- T.
Instead of making another picture like his usual airheaded successes--hits like Hey, Hey in the Hayloft and Ants in Your Plants of 1939--Sullivan decides to attempt a bit of earnest Steinbeckian social drama, or, as he puts it, "a commentary on modern conditions .
Joanna Karamanou provided a humorous caricature of a rotund Greek immigrant named Vassili, while Julia Palmer (in her first Stratton appearance) also stood out as the seductively airheaded Dossie.
Dressed down in conservative clothes, Ledoyen plays against type, and makes a neat contrast to Frederique Bai as Nicolas' slightly airheaded girlfriend, Caline.
Besides Nielsen, Anna Faris is back as airheaded heroine Cindy.
Why would someone publishing the bio of an actress famed for her intelligent performances and unconventional beauty choose an unflattering cheesecake photo that makes her look like an airheaded starlet for the cover?
Shaun's biological father (John Lithgow) lives in much fancier, seaside digs with his airheaded trophy wife and their Ritalin joke of a little boy.
Focusing on two airheaded heiresses, Material Girls is so fluffy, so unoriginal and so unfunny, it could've been written by Paris Hilton, directed by Nicole Richie and produced by Barbie.