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the framework and covering of an airplane or rocket (excluding the engines)

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I welcome the opportunity to be part of the airframe sales team and look forward to working with operators in this capacity.
Remember, while removing screws from your airframe, a drill will not remove stripped countersunk screws.
The unit's aggressive test schedule helps keep acquisition programs moving in the right direction, and HX-21 works closely with the Navy program offices and manufacturers of the various airframes to ensure the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard get the best and most refined product possible.
Astech will be merged into GKN Aerospace Chemtronics, which already supplies airframes to the F22 fighter programme in the US.
We identified six airframe ratios that quite accurately predict a bat species' foraging habitat and foraging strategy,' McKenzie says.
GAIN offers a service whereby Boeing will manage the supply chain for expandable airframe spare parts, used to maintain KLM's fleet of Boeing aircraft, and those of other airlines, which contract maintenance services to KLM E&M.
In Situation 1, the taxpayer incurred $2 million to perform a D check on the airframe of an aircraft acquired in 1984 for $15 million (excluding engines).
Despite contractor promises and expensive bench-tests, the system proved unreliable when placed on the B-1B airframe.
NYSE: PX), today announced the commissioning of a dedicated production cell for applying metallic and ceramic coatings to airframe components.
Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) today announced that its aerospace arm has secured new contracts worth $410m in the third quarter (3Q) of 2015, for projects ranging from airframe and component maintenance, to engine wash and pilot training.
Sometimes the fire sensing element lines, NSN 1680-00-895-9426 and NSN 1680-00-895-9427, chafe against the airframe surface.
The contract covers engineering, maintenance control and component services as well as worldwide line and airframe maintenance including A and C checks.
In Mojave, the first racing plane's airframe was recently delivered to XCOR for the installation of its liquid oxygen and kerosene-fueled engine.
Four winners were named in the Investment Casting Institute's 2005 Casting Contest, which recognized superior castings in the aerospace airframe, aerospace engine, industrial/commercial and military/defense categories.
We spend less on developing the airframe and more on what systems we put into that airframe.