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the engine that powers and aircraft

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The report is split into two sections and uses both a written and graphical analysis - analysing the 130 largest AIRCRAFT ENGINE & EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS (Global) companies.
The investment would be used mainly for research on technology, designs and materials related to aircraft engine manufacturing, the professor said.
To be fair to Dimon, too, his answer was long and detailed; he didn't throw the aircraft engine out without context.
MTU and ACAE plan to conduct a joint study to evaluate the establishment of a joint venture aircraft engine company in China.
The TES Aviation Group has recently secured finance of more than pounds 5m to purchase five Rolls-Royce aircraft engines.
GE Aircraft Engines and Emirates, the United Arab Emirates (UAE)'s national airline, have signed a combined spare engine sales and service programme agreement valued at $1bn.
Under such conditions, which are encountered during cold start of an aircraft engine on a cold tarmac or high-altitude cruising, there is a potential deterioration in the dispersion of the suppressant and its transport to the fire zone.
The future aircraft engine programs are classified into core engine programs and technology programs in this research service.
To order this report: Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing Industry in the U.
GE Aircraft Engines, the aircraft engine business of General Electric Co, has revealed plans to eliminate up to 800 salaried jobs by the end of June.
The agreement covers 22 castings for various aircraft engine programs and for LM2500 and LM6000 gas turbine engines.
Derived from the highly successful CF6[R]-80C2 aircraft engine, it is widely used for power generation, oil & gas and industrial applications along with being suitable for a variety of marine applications.
CVD coating is rapidly replacing older coating methods to protect aircraft engine and other sophisticated components.
NYSE:BRS), a leading provider of helicopter services and production management services to the offshore energy industry, announced today that it has completed the sale of the assets of its aircraft engine overhaul business, Turbo Engines, Inc.
The resulting highly functional electronic publications will enable the effective transfer of knowledge from GE to airlines and aircraft engine maintenance facilities.
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