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Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise (SALE)'s clients include easyJet, AirAsia and Qantas Airways.
Each state has its own sales and use taxes for aircraft.
Defeating the North Vietnamese integrated air defense system was addressed through a multi-phase approach that involved developing a dedicated EW aircraft (the EA-6A and later EA-6B), developing tactics, techniques, and procedures at Naval Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) schoolhouse, and commodity-based development of EW systems in PMA253.
Corporate airplanes used to be a perk only for executives," says Dave Labrozzi, senior vice president and general manager of corporate aircraft financing at GE Capital Solutions, a Danbury, Conn.
Capital improvements on existing aircraft must be made and placed in service before 2005 to qualify for the bonus provisions.
The report, sent to the House Armed Services Committee, states production should be limited only to aircraft needed for testing until the program adopts a more traditional production approach.
An aircraft can be designed with an electronic flight control system that gives the pilot a positive, stable, handling-qualities feel while the aircraft is unstable (Baer & Landy, 1987).
If research programs that are just starting eventually reveal that such large-scale morphing is feasible, the first of those aircraft may streak across the skies 20 to 30 years from now.
The First Marine Aircraft Wing was responsible for Marine air power in South Korea.
During the in-service support phase, the focus of aircraft support generally converts to more routine ILS issues.
The western region accounted for a significant proportion of aircraft accidents, with Alaska and California making up 53 percent of aircraft accidents in this region in 1998.
In the process, however, the Forest Service appears to have shown favoritism in selecting certain operators, and also to have averted the competitive bidding process in handling aircraft acquisitions.
Exploding wires are listed as a possible factor in the crash of a navy jet in 1986 and in at least a dozen other cases in which military aircraft have faced a power loss or fire but managed to land safely.
Having someone of John's caliber join the Adam Aircraft team bodes well for us as a company.
then the parent company of Continental and Eastern Airlines, with responsibility for aircraft acquisition, sales and aircraft financing.