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a duct that admits air to be mixed with fuel

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Glass-reinforced PP with proprietary heat-stabilization enhancement has emerged as a competitor for nylon in air-intake manifolds of two Volkswagen car engines: a three-cylinder gasoline engine in Brazil and Europe and a 1.
This report is focusing on new developments based on synthetic media, on cellulose/melt blown composites, on the new Power Core[TM] material from DONALDSON, a new generation of unique needled felts and other materials currently being used for air-intake filters for automotive applications worldwide.
The new module consists of an air-intake manifold, an engine cover, and an air-filter housing.
This included the use of impact copolymers for battery cases and fender liners, random copolymers for washer-fluid reservoirs, and filled homopolymers for air-intake and heater ducting.
Another market amenable to PPS forming is automotive under-hood parts like engine covers and air-intake manifolds that are currently injection molded of nylon or other high-temperature plastics.
It is reportedly the only system with a single large (60-mm) air-intake pipe and exhaust pipe instead of multiple smaller (10-mm) pipes.
An air-induction tube developed by Polaris Industries All-Terrain Vehicles uses material and processing innovations that are said to enhance engine air-intake performance and reduce costs.
The new material was used recently to make 20 air-intake manifolds by Rapid Prototype Co.
A new vibration welder from Branson Ultrasonics will join reduced-density nylon 6 air-intake manifolds made with Trexel Corp.
booth 2542), plans to show vibration welding of a complex air-intake manifold from two halves injection molded of glass-reinforced nylon 66.
The air-intake manifold on a highend European car may be one sign of a renaissance for phenolics.
Beyond front-end carriers, Dow envisions using the LESA adhesive system to bond integrated air-intake manifolds, doors, tailgates, and fender modules.
A new air-intake design allows much more effective internal bubble cooling for small blown-film dies, says Brampton Engineering Inc.
BMW in Germany is also evaluating air-intake manifolds injection molded of Carilon by a lost-core process.
In car engine after car engine, aluminum alloys have already yielded to the onslaught of thermoplastics for air-intake manifolds.