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not giving off moisture on exposure to the air

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rhamnosus GG during the air-drying step, room temperature storage and simulated in-vitro digestion.
Many studies regarding the relationship between air-drying times and the MC loss have been carried out (Denig and Wengert 1982, Simpson and Wang 2003).
In the agreement, DES and Project Laundry List agree to work together on education and outreach efforts on the benefits of air-drying laundry and cold-water washing.
Pine, solar kiln and air drying), the conclusion is that solar drying is 6 times faster (80 hours) than air-drying (480-510 hours).
Now, we process about 140kg of meat a week and hope to convert a farmhouse here to provide enough air-drying space to double production.
Drying clothes in a hot dryer, rather than air-drying, also helps kill bacteria in clothes.
The first step in restoration was air-drying the costumes, then sending them to the dry cleaners before trying to refurbish some of the less damaged ones.
It also features a suction-cup base that promotes air-drying and keeps the brush away from direct contact with germs on the counter or sink.
The effects of air-drying on P sorption were studied for 3 sandy podzols using samples from entire soil profiles collected in winter (wet) and summer (dry).
That means using less hot water, cutting down air conditioner use, and maybe even air-drying your hair.
Central systems often imply a longer, more extensive arrangement of resin feed lines, with more elaborate air-drying equipment and controls.
Comparison of Cloth-, Paper-, and Air-Drying In Eliminating Viruses and Bacteria From Washed Hands.
After air-drying, a sieve analysis is performed using the usual procedure, with the exception of a 2 1/2 minute agitation period rather than the usual 15 minutes.
After air-drying or baking in an oven, they can be decorated with acrylic paint.
Starting on June 1, green pioneers and inventors can submit original air-drying solutions as part of the company's "Care to Air" contest, with the chance to win $10,000 in prizes.