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a sound wave that is transmitted via air

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Due to a decrease in sales of Air Wave and Odyssey, new vehicle registrations in December experienced a year-on-year decline for the ninth consecutive month since April 2006.
Due to decreased sales of Air Wave and Step Wagon, it is the sixth consecutive month, since April 2006, for a decline in new vehicle registrations.
Ken Pearl, CEO of Advertiser Perceptions states, "Our release of the AIR Wave 14 Highest Rated Media brands will hopefully serve as an incentive for improvements across the media industry--for media brands, media companies, and advertisers alike.
It is also reducing power consumption and air wave emissions by optimizing signal transmission between the network and the device.
air wave Nick Glynne, of Easy Computers, with some of the air conditioning units his company is now supplying
The battleground exists on American soil, when we usually think of the big four operators duking it out for air wave supremacy.
It must have sent out a high pressure air wave of tremendous force.
Based in Sayama City, Saitama Japan, the company sells Nitrogen and Air Reflow ovens and Spray Fluxers for VOC, Nitrogen and Air Wave Systems with built in Flat Linear Induction Pumps (Mr.
Apparently 'Kimi no Na wa's' TV rating surpassed those of 'Frozen' by Disney and 'Shin Godzilla' on Japanese air waves.
According to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Raja was biased in allocating 2G mobile air waves and operating licences to telecom firms, causing a huge loss to the state exchequer.
32) This theory follows Galileo's proposal, mentioned earlier, that sound is transmitted by pulses of air waves striking the eardrum.
With the launch of "Discovery," the franchise returns to the air waves after a 12-year absence.
AIR WAVES PORTRUSH: NORTHERN IRELAND INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW Date: 2nd - 3rd September Time: see programme nearer date Venue: Eastern side of Portrush Resort Air Waves Portrush International Airshow is ready for take-off.
With this app, Air Waves leverages 35 years of technology and capacity developed for large retailers providing unparalleled speed and quality to masses of start up apparel brands.