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experiencing motion sickness

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The company predicts that just 2% of passengers will become air sick during turbulence on the 787, compared with 5% on other jetliners.
Admittedly it was not always copied by my fellow passengers and I still grumble about the large German who kept falling asleep on my shoulder during a four-hour flight from Greece and I won't even mention the woman who managed to be air sick for almost the entire flight from Sydney to London.
Duncan was air sick and Bryn wouldn't settle and the air stewards were less than helpful,' says Melanie, from Kilmarnock.
Although a research letter published in medical journal, The Lancet, suggests that the 'syndrome' is little more than an overhyped myth, a new documentary, Air Sick on Channel 5 on November 1, says there is growing evidence of a link between aeroplane conditions and passenger sickness.
Motherwell manager, Terry Butcher, said: "The pilot was probably air sick with all the hanging around.