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a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly

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Anderson and his colleagues traced the ozone-laden air pockets back 10 to 15 days in most cases--right back to fires in either Southeast Asia, about 2,000 miles away, or tropical Africa, over 8,000 miles away.
This paper provides an analysis of the efficacy of polyurethane coil meshes with air pockets under plastering compositions.
He was incredibly lucky he was in an air pocket, but he would have had a limited time (before) .
A tug boat cook managed to find an underwater air pocket after his vessel sank off Nigeria's coast and survived nearly three days before being brought out alive, rescuers and his family said Friday.
Helen, who works in a doctor's surgery, said she was among around 15 people who became caught in a tiny air pocket underneath the boat.
It is hoped the remaining miner has been able to find an air pocket within the flooded pit.
True, you do usually get some sort of extra treat inside the air pocket .
He is thought to have taken refuge in an air pocket 780m from the entrance of the cave.
Four days after the Mangalore air crash, one of India's worst air disasters in recent memory, Air India Express flight IX- 212 from Dubai to Pune with more than 112 people on board had a miraculous escape when the aircraft hit an air pocket and had a free fall of more than 5,000 feet.
Kochi, April 28 -- As the details of the incident in which a Boeing 777-200 aircraft of the Emirates Airlines on a Dubai-Kochi flight getting trapped in a strong air pocket on Sunday resulting in injuries to several passengers and crew members are yet to come out, aviation and weather experts are saying that the phenomenon of climate change could lead to creation of unexpected and dangerous air gutters.
Rescuers were pinning their hopes on the possibility that the five remaining crew members could have survived in an air pocket in the hull.
The tube allows air to escape the caulking tubes during the filling process, virtually eliminating the air pocket problem.
It's a crack that gives vent to a subterranean air pocket, and when conditions are right, you can hear the throaty rumble or feel its emitted gust.
Although his owner, Steve Lancaster, has been airlifted to safety from the property in the north Cornwall village on Monday, the black and white cat managed to find an air pocket which enabled him to breathe until the RSPCA and fire brigade arrived the next day.
A WOMAN tonight died in hospital after being trapped in an air pocket when a boat containing 10 people hit a bank and capsized on a river in one of Britain's most popular holiday areas.