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In addition, these patients can embrace additional health habits and preserve lung function by joining forces with their doctors to treat and prevent infections and perhaps use other medications, which will open up air passages and improve air flow.
When untreated mice inhaled ragweed extract, their lungs suffered an influx of eosinophils (inflammation-inducing white blood cells), a jump in inflammatory signaling molecules, a buildup of mucin (a protein component of mucus) and an increase in airway hyper-reactivity (the tendency of air passages to suddenly constrict under stress).
Standard care includes aerosol drugs to open air passages, antibiotics for infections, seasonal flu shots, and an exercise program.
Macular amyloidosis with localized amyloidosis of upper air passages.
Five-month-old Aaron was given more than twice the usual dose of muscle relaxant after surgery to widen his air passages during an operation at Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital.
The organic buildup on the filters tends to wet the fabric of the filter, blinding the air passages through the filter media.
The danger comes from inhaling chlorine molecules, which causes inflammation of the air passages.
Wayne Lukas heard about racehorses wearing nasal strips - like the ones two-legged athletes use to open up the air passages - he laughed as hard as anybody.
And while spitting at an opponent clearly remains unacceptable, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor feels spitting is vital for a player to "clear his air passages.
Donald Cameron, dental instructor at Glasgow Dental School, said: "Snoring might be a simple problem, or it might be a symptom of sleep apnoea syndrome, which blocks the air passages.
had to meet a very low leakage-rate specification for each of five different internal air passages.
During an asthma attack, the small air passages in the lungs, called bronchioles (bron-KEE-oles), become narrow or blocked.
Nationwide, 10-15,000,000 people have asthma, which constricts the lungs' air passages and causes wheezing, coughing, and breathing difficulty.
Bronchospasm (constriction of the muscles of the air passages in the lungs) restricts air flow and thus causes the asthmatic person to have difficulty in breathing.
In addition to ensuring comfort, the pillow helps position the neck and head to allow critical air passages to open - making breathing easier and reducing snoring.