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a woman steward on an airplane

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The air hostess added she wasn't sorry for her actions because she was single - and she believed Ashley was too.
Sources said the six unruly youths began to misbehave with the air hostess soon after the flight took off from Kolkata and did not stop their act despite objections by her and the other crew-members.
After leaving school she enrolled in the Wrens before becoming an air hostess and joining British South American Airways.
I may never be able to work again as an air hostess.
compromised the safety of the plane when he smoked in the washroom and caused disturbance on the flight by constantly jumping from his seat and fighting with the air hostess.
The air hostess apparently asked Anni if she would like to sit with Shrien, but Anni said no.
New Delhi, Oct 6 (ANI): The National Commission for Women (NCW) has decided to institute an investigative committee to probe into the charges of molestation levelled by an air hostess against two pilots in an Air India flight on its way from Sharjah to Lucknow last week.
The band, who flew into Edinburgh to perform at the Fourth Radio Awards, took a leaf out of Busted's book by admiring the air hostess.
The 23-year-old air hostess - a runner-up in the 1998 Miss Jamaica World Beauty pageant - was arrested, along with two men in the car, in Wembley, North London, as part of a police drive to stop Jamaican "drug mules" coming to Britain.
The 30-year-old Tunisian defendant denied using his "martial arts skills" to overpower his Japanese girlfriend, an air hostess, and throttling her as she threatened to leave him for another man.
A PILOT'S dream of a happy married life with an air hostess has crash- landed, with the former accusing the woman and her family of cheating after the two got engaged.
SIR Richard Branson must dress as an air hostess and serve customers champagne on a rival's airline - after losing a bet.
New Delhi, Oct 7 (ANI): A committee set up by Air India to probe molestation charges filed by an air hostess, was on Wednesday recording the statements of the pilot and the co-pilot.
Alex Best, the 32-year-old former air hostess who has put ex-husband George Best well behind her, took the female title.
AN air hostess scarred for life after a passenger attacked her with a vodka bottle has been given a date to sue her bosses - five years after the assault.