air hole

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a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly

a hole that allows the passage of air

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From above table it has been concluded that our CAD model of combustor chamber is in complete agreement with the theoretical results therefore considering this as base point research can further be taken to another level by optimizing each design parameter mainly involving fuel, air hole area and their placing also the designing of outlet.
With a liquid of the above RI we need not require such a material (which is difficult to find) but to infiltrate once the PCF with air hole is fabricated.
As shown in Figure 6, when the voltage is fixed, the mode field area increases with increase of air hole radius; when air hole radius is constant, the effective mode area increases with the applied voltage reducing.
Our calculations show that DC-PCF with a larger hole pitch and a larger air hole size can achieve a higher sensitivity of the DC-PCF-based bending sensor, which, however may lead to larger confinement loss and smaller sensing range.
Each air hole was extended using PVC pipe so they would all be well above the water's surface.
Make sure the air hole enters at the bottom of the chamber--the "heel"--so all your tobacco will burn.
Someone suggested I tape my mouth closed leaving only a small air hole.
The end of the straw was pushed into the body of the chicken to create an air hole for expanded air to escape while firing.
They were found near where the company had drilled an air hole in an attempt to contact the men.
By making an air hole in the ice you will keep your fish alive and protect your liner.
Touching on the proposed review of special revenue earmarked for building roads so as to use it for urban infrastructure development projects, Shiokawa said, ''We will make an air hole by expanding the use in fiscal 2001 budget.
Clear the air hole in the top of the vent with a small wire or sewing needle.
They are the creator of the Bear-Gram([R]) concept, which includes a customized Vermont Teddy Bear dressed to suit a special occasion, a colorful gift box complete with air hole and game printed on the inside, and enclosed with a personalized greeting and candy treat.
show maximum light coupling for polarized light from the core to the gold filled air hole.
Oleg Nikolaevich, who has been in a coma after being sunk in a 4-meter-deep air hole in the sand on the beach of Bulgarian town of Primorsko, is now conscious showing no signs for neurological problems or brain damage, stated doctor Anton Grogorov, the head of the reanimation department in the hospital where the boy had been accommodated.