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a hammer driven by compressed air

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1(a) Bidder should have experience of drilling of at least three years using Air Hammer Drilling Technology.
Air hammers can be 30 percent more productive than rotary drills in extremely hard formations, but only the Ditch Witch AT air hammer system is capable of maintaining performance while steering in the curve, achieving higher penetration rates and production.
HAVING A BLAST--Science News' Sid Perkins uses an air hammer to fracture rock, and retired geologist Grog Sorlie waits to remove the debris.
Alice Hamilton, who in 1918 investigated an outbreak of hand injuries in Bedford, Indiana, that appeared shortly after pneumatic air hammers were introduced in the stone-cutting industry.
PHOTO : Outwater Plastic's hand-held air hammer can perform single taps to heavy impact blows.
an air hammer will be more effective and efficient than a mud motor.
Through the medium of the television infomercial the AIR HAMMER driver is now being introduced in the U.
Fecon's new two standard models will include the rubber track crawlers with an onboard 300-cfm/200-psi air compressor and a rod rack for carrying straight rod, auger rod and an air hammer.
Sharewell LP has introduced a new internal shock-absorbing tool that permits the use of an air hammer with a wireline steering tool for horizontal directional drilling projects.
For rock, we use an air hammer and Railhead bit with diamond teeth," said Jack Freeman, division manager of outside plant construction.
They are very effective for drilling plus-or-minus 6-inch pilot holes in hard rock more than 15, 000 psi, and in certain very hard rock exceeding 25, 000 psi, an air hammer will be more effective and efficient than a mud motor.
The complete down-hole assembly includes: Three ROUGHNECK Bits and Air Hammer, Control Station/Oiler with integrated electronic controls, sub-connection, TRIHAWK EXTREME universal high flow rock drill housing that utilizes the industry standard API thread making system connection easy.
The operator can control the air hammer functions directly from the onboard color LCD.
Instead of using a standard pilot drill bit, the crew used a Straightline 4-inch air hammer system to simplify boring through rock and to keep the sewer line on grade, which proved to be the biggest challenge of the project.
Air Hammer Systems pulverize the hardest rock at a rate of 150 feet per hour.