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the flow of air

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While these equations appear straightforward, the idiosyncrasies of measuring the air flow through either engine remains complex.
The durable Air Flow design has adjustable air chambers for customized resident comfort, while providing maximum tailbone pressure relief.
The tapering, conical form of each tower responds to the way in which cooled air flows when generated by an evaporative system.
In the new Augmented-Fin technology, Aavid has added air flow disrupters -- slots and other enhancements perpendicular to the air flow travel -- to the high conductivity sheet metal of the flat bonded fin surfaces.
Through a combination of these features, Tri-Air estimates that it can achieve a 50 per cent increase in the time air is retained within non-thermal plasma elements whilst minimising the increase in back pressure resulting from the inclusion of an air flow guide within the cell.
ATS's white paper on air flow measurement complements a free on-demand webinar on this topic.
Pressure independent box controls are preferred over pressure-dependent box controls for many reasons, including that both minimum and maximum air flow rates can be controlled regardless of duct pressure, and flow rates are functions of the available duct pressure.
the typical scheme of air flow into the respective air distribution element has been presented, where it can be seen that a visible disorder of air flow lines occurs in it, a vigorous air velocity increase in the ventilation duct entrance--as well as a detachment of the air flow from the duct walls allowing the creation of whirling zones.
But CNC milling reportedly allows better shaping of the chamber, air-flow passages, and lips, for improved air flow to cool the bubble.
Our generator have an air filter air flow restriction indicator go tell us when we have a clogged air filter.
The respirator is equipped with the Breath-Synchronized Air Flow System, a small electric fan, to protect workers from asbestos dust while ensuring improved safety and workability.
TAPPI TIP 0404-27, Air Flow Requirements for Conditioning Press Felts at Suction Pipes, is still a good reference and is available online for a nominal fee.
In conjunction with industry representatives, NGML researchers identified two major unaddressed issues that confront engine system designers and operators regarding engine air flow management: 1) how to identify which turbocharger compressor, diffuser, turbine blade set, and nozzle ring will work on which engine; and 2) how to determine the extent to which an engine utilizes air to scavenge exhaust products out of the cylinder.
AFS also had requested some flexibility in the monitoring of annual air flow rate measurements because the existing regulation is too restrictive and difficult to meet consistently due to the inherent variability in flow rates and the repeatability of the measurement method.