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the flow of air

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This reduces the air flow and can prevent the AC from removing heat and moisture properly.
They carried out diverse parametric studies, including the effect of water and air flow rates on the water temperature difference and tower characteristic, for several inlet water temperatures.
It offers superior air flow and excellent rain shielding because air flows up and out through the turbine blades with little resistance.
In presented experiment, influence of the counter-current air flow on the parameters related to the two-phase flow, precisely on the mass transfer coefficient, in the case of the film brake-up, is examined.
Our contributions in this paper are the following: 1) We perform high resolution simulations to evaluate the air flow physics in large commercial buildings with linear dispersion ductwork systems, 2) Present strategies to properly manage extremely large data sets, 3) Show that changing the insulation has a dramatic effect on operation point of the HVAC system and thermal comfort of the occupied space.
In this paper we explore whether the surface-level winds over and around the Gulf of Finland have more extensively responded to this change and whether the coastal zone of Estonia may have experienced some other substantial variations in the surface-level air flow.
To examine the effect of the LES-AB conditions, the air flow rate (5, 10, 15, and 20 NL [min.
Using this technique, in December 2012, Yokohama Rubber developed its fin tire design, which reduces aerodynamic drag on a vehicle by controlling the air flow in the wheel well.
This in turn enhances the amount of air flow and thus provides for more powerful suction.
The unit provides laminar air-flow across the operator, extracting airborne respirable dust particles towards the rear of the booth, away from the operator's breathing zone and operating with constant air flow, it prevents contamination of the surrounding area.
In buildings with natural ventilation systems, uncontrolled air flow enters the premises through the building envelope leaks.
Heated and humidified gas flows from the ventilator unit, through the inspiratory circuit and NeoFlow air flow sensor to the patient through an endotracheal tube.
Integrated control electronics that provide variable air flow control.
But even though you can feel the air flow we are still getting damp.
Two-dimensional digital model for analysis of direct current corona field and induced electrohydrodynamic air flow field in wire-to-plane electrode system is presented.