air filter

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a filter that removes dust from the air that passes through it

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Most manufacturers recommend removal and replacement of the cabin air filter once a year or after 15,000km.
This report studies the consumption of High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) industry in USA market, focuses on the top key manufacturers with sales, revenue, price and market share for each player.
With this acquisition, the Flanders business will be integrated into AAF and enable AAF to leverage its global sales network to market the cleanroom equipment and high-end air filter products that are the strengths of Flanders.
The Global Air Filter Cartridges market can be segmented into three end-user segments: Industrial Sector, Residential Sector, and Commercial Sector.
So take steps to keep those air filters as dry as possible.
Excellent air filter comparison in your August issue.
Hence, to withstand the existing and upcoming environmental regulations, automotive as well as air filter manufacturers have shifted their focus towards efficient, durable, recyclable, and cost-effective filters.
But today, the industry is realizing the advantages of FIVAC air filters with mechano-electret synthetic filter media for their added value and long-term cost savings.
It will play a model role for the other MAHLE filter factories in India, as we do no in-house injection molding there so far, apart from overmolded air filter elements in the Gurgaon location.
Wix designed the 42808 air filter with the company's exclusive media formulation, which it implemented in 2005.
Universal Air Filter (Sauget, IL) has developed a reusable clamshell or thin envelope air filter frame allowing customers to replace only tire air filter media.
Low-profile, low-air resistance filters from Universal Air Filter help designers meet thermal management and air filtration requirements for blowers and fans (axial flow, cross flow, intelligent fan packs, pancake styles).
Balston Sterile Air Filter cartridges are rated at greater than 99.
Filter efficiency for a particular air filter model can differ for particles of different sizes.
For example, an air filter can't filter dust-mite droppings out of bedding, carpets or drapes, and it's only minimally helpful in snaring pollen.