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a unit of the United States Air Force usually comprising two or more wings


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Earlier, on 18 March, the Army High Command had decided to strengthen its air forces in the South Pacific generally, starting with the replacement of the fighter units in the 6th Air Division.
The first two pillars, Air and Power, relate to products that the Portable Air Division has supplied for some years.
Results of mean Comparison showed that the values of Air Division Dry weight, Root dry weight, Total leaf surface, Leaf sodium concentration and Leaf potassium concentration was height for Roghani variety than Koronaiki variety.
Congressman Johnson, these folks in here don't know that you were the Air Division Commander at Holloman (AFB, N.
Atlas Copco's industrial air division has launched a range of premium oil-injected rotary screw compressors from 30 to 90 kW.
According to Atlas Copco, Intermech will become a product company within the Oil-free Air division of the Compressor Technique business area.
238) and does not discuss the French Air Division, the largest combat-aviation organization of any of the World War I principals, at all.
It would be completely illogical for the agencies or the businesses to slow down in the fight to reduce emissions,'' said Matt Haber, the EPA's deputy director for the Pacific Southwest air division.
The Edinburgh news distribution and aviation support company said their air division had to recover from the impact of last year's SARS outbreak.
Larry Wride, vice president of sales of the air division of Land and Sky, said the company has gotten new financing and is "poised to move forward.
Jane Watson of EPA Region 6 will overview trends in water quality standards, what new criteria are in the works and why, and what criteria Arkansas industries can expect to see in the future; Allan Gates of Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard will review what the recently disclosed Bush Administration turnaround on Total Maximum Daily Load and Watershed Management will mean for Arkansas; and ADEQ Air Division staff will present a session on how-tos on air compliance.
Bachmann, associate director of science policy in the EPA's air division.
Tomimoto, a member of the Southwestern Composite Air Division, was transferred to the Naha base from ASDF's Gifu base in Gifu Prefecture in April.
The appointment of Mr Craddock, who lives in Wolverhampton, follows Multi Pneumatics' acquisition of the compressed air division of West Midlands based Automated Engineering Services.
Under a tightly controlled situation, using plants may have some merit, but people bring in contaminants when they enter a room, Boat argues, Indeed, this was former EPA Indoor Air Division Director Robert Axelrad's primary complaint.