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a bubble of air

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Furthermore, air bubbles were visualized inside the sample (Fig.
Air Embolisms can also occur if air bubbles or other gases enter the bloodstream.
Hydrophilic particles that do not attach to the air bubbles continue to move down through the teeter bed and eventually settle into the dewatering cone.
While this eliminated banding solution accumulation at the bottom of the capsules, increasing viscosity during drying did not prevent air bubble formation.
With an increasing number of experimental investigations of water droplet and air bubble mixtures, accuracy of measurement and reliability of these results become more important.
Adsorption phenomenon of air bubbles seen at a moment of parting from skin The process of bubble growth and parting from skin surface was observed using
The dome contains an air bubble that is continually filled with air from an onboard tank.
That's good news for the fish: "Biologists from Caltrans have not identified any injured fish with the air bubble curtains in use during pile driving.
Determine air bubble occurrence and quantity is very important for plastic part production.
In actuality, most runner systems allow for significant air bubble entrapment (Figs.
Via ultra-sonic means, the Model AD-101 clamp-on air bubble detection system detects breaks in the flow of liquids or blood through different types of flexible and rigid tubing between 1 and 25 mm dia.
The make-up of our air bubble is essentially a cultural inheritance, which for middle class white people living in England has the following features:
A major change in technology is the transition of coarse air bubble diffuser systems to fine bubble tube membrane diffusers in plants.
Crystal options comprise mechanical agitation like ultra-sonics, immersed jetting, air bubble agitation and basket dunking.