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The First Available Stand-Alone Air Bubble Removal Device for Hospital IV lines - Hospital staff is in constant alert as necessary in preventing air bubbles from entering veins, especially children.
While this eliminated banding solution accumulation at the bottom of the capsules, increasing viscosity during drying did not prevent air bubble formation.
To prevent leakage it has been suggested inactivated vaccines be administered using the air lock technique, where the air bubble is not expelled from the syringe before injecting.
All air bubbles leave behind some sort of oxide trail.
Air bubble presence in the viscous materials has been first recognized in the glasses (1).
The make-up of our air bubble is essentially a cultural inheritance, which for middle class white people living in England has the following features:
A major change in technology is the transition of coarse air bubble diffuser systems to fine bubble tube membrane diffusers in plants.
The other, Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), uses laminar flow existing in the narrow-bore tubing to mix the sample with the reagent, thus eliminating the need for air bubble partitioning.
Bong CSK is specialized in manufacturing of air bubble bags used by e-commerce and mail order companies for delivery of light-weight products to consumers.
As his three friends, who had managed to hold on, ran for help,Mr Wiley was saved by the air bubble in a waterproof anorak he had borrowed.
Her condition was diagnosed with the help of computed tomography; which detected the presence of an air bubble in the labyrinth, and middle ear exploration, which revealed that clear fluid was emanating from the round window niche in a manner consistent with the presence of a perilymphatic fistula.
This can be used as an additional interface for the expanding air bubble.
But Irish marine experts are now using cutting-edge air bubble technology to raise the vicious creatures in the waters off the south coast.
As the inner surface of the clay shell becomes wet, the disturbed air bubble inside dissolves.