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Synonyms for brake

Synonyms for brake

an instrument or means of restraining

Synonyms for brake

any of various ferns of the genus Pteris having pinnately compound leaves and including several popular houseplants

large coarse fern often several feet high

an area thickly overgrown usually with one kind of plant

anything that slows or hinders a process

Related Words

stop travelling by applying a brake

cause to stop by applying the brakes

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Partnering with a premier technology company in the rail industry, such as New York Air Brake, will allow Predikto's award-winning platform to make a defining impact on the rail industry.
Since 1937 Nabtesco Automotive Corporation is a technology leader and supplier in automotive air brake systems and clutch control systems.
An improved margin of safety is the biggest factor in choosing the DB-60 II control valve," says Jason Connell, Senior Vice President Sales / Marketing and Service, New York Air Brake LLC.
The Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation company report details the company's key financial data, business operations, technology and patent activities, financial benchmarks against the Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing industry in the US, and that industry's pertinent information such as financial data, downstream industries, competitive landscape, upstream industries, and industry structure.
NASDAQ: SORL)("SORL" or "the Company"), a leading supplier of brake and control systems to the global commercial vehicle industry, today announced that the Company has launched a new generation of electric air brake compressors to be used in electric buses.
A large enough dent or a hole means loss of air pressure for the grader's air brake system.
E[acute accent]Aggressive Growth - Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation (NYSE:WAB) E[acute accent]Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation has exceeded earnings estimates for four consecutive quarters by at least 14%.
As China's leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive air brake valves, SORL Auto Parts, Inc.
Moisture in the air brake lines of your M939-series truck leads to corrosion.
TA will sell the WAR-LOK t-Series product line, including the WAR-LOK TAB-10 (tractor air brake lock), WAR-LOK TGH-10 (trailer glad hand lock), WAR-LOK TKP-10 (trailer king pin lock), WAR-LOK TL-10 (trailer rear door lock), WAR-LOK 8033 padlock and the WAR-LOK TSK-50 (five-piece security kit).
a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial vehicle air brake valves as well as other auto parts in China, today announced that the Company will report its first quarter 2008 financial results before the market opens on Wednesday, May 14, 2008.
The alcohol reservoir on the crane's air brake system is getting a bad rap.
Both sales are for the Gabriel WAR-LOK(TM) TAB-10/30 truck air brake locks.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Air Brake Pipes & Pipe Fittings And Fitment And Commissioning Of Air Brake Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Bmbs, Air Brake Equipment & Hand Brake Arrangement For Boxn Hl Wagons.
a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial vehicle air brake valves as well as other auto parts in China, announced today that it will report the 2007 fourth quarter and annual financial results for the period ended December 31, 2007 before the market opens on Thursday, March 27, 2008.