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Synonyms for abrasion

Synonyms for abrasion

an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

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The air abrasion instrument works like a sandblaster.
For this reason, new techniques and equipment have been available on the market such as the air abrasion system, which has been subjected to further research and to a wider application [Rosenberg, 1995].
Dartt, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMT states, "We are pleased that AMT's air abrasion and Hydrobrasion(TM) are becoming recognized as valuable technology in other key industries as aerospace.
AMT's air abrasion and Hydrobrasion(TM) techniques are becoming recognized within the industry for their ability to support the dental professional's requirement to provide the patient with a dramatic alternative to the conventional handpiece or standard anesthetic needle.
And, early indications for our new SoftPrep(TM) air abrasion cavity preparation system, which is still in its introductory stage, appear positive.
With 21 regional showrooms, over 200 sales representatives and sales in excess of $200 million, Benco Dental serves over 20,000 customers in 18 states, making them one of the leading distributors of high tech large and small dental equipment, including delivery systems, chairs, digital x-rays and air abrasion units, in the Eastern United States Stuart Wildhorn, Senior Vice President of Milestone, stated that "Since the re-launch of CompuDent at the end of last year, we have been working on partnering with a well established, well respected organization.
Nasdaq: NIIS) today announced that it has entered into an OEM agreement in principle to market air abrasion cavity preparation equipment manufactured under the New Image name by Sunrise Technologies, Inc.
Six programmable preset controls are available for each operative technology -- the electric handpiece, the laser, and the air abrasion system.
The decline in revenues for 1999 is attributable to the decline in air abrasion sales for the United States which management strongly believes resulted from a change of focus within its dealer network.
Although we are disappointed in North American air abrasion sales, the Company is actively working to liquidate dealer inventories in North America and stimulate air abrasion revenues.
Cozean commented, "Becker-Parkin has a strong commitment to marketing high-technology dental products such as air abrasion systems and intra-oral cameras and an excellent reputation for maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.
An overall increase in revenues for 1999 will be primarily dependent on a return of higher air abrasion sales after the liquidation of dealer inventories.
will receive a fully paid up license on the air abrasion patents in question for the sum of $300,000 and agreed to the validity of the patents.
Whereas other dental devices -- the conventional dental drill, erbium laser, even air abrasion instruments -- simultaneously remove decay and make cavity preparations, the PulseMaster is designed to remove the decayed tissue only, offering the most conservative treatment available.
The increase for the year ended December 31, 1998, was primarily due to a 17% increase in our core business of air abrasion and lasers plus the addition of the Ultracam sales since the acquisition on August 1, 1998.