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Synonyms for aimlessness

the quality of lacking any definite purpose

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The apparent aimlessness of the footage is preserved in his reworking of the material for the video work Division Movement to Vungtau, 2016, made in collaboration with French artist Bertrand Dezoteux and also on display here.
Her life increasingly was marked by aimlessness and confusion.
The spread of the wave of violence and terror is the direct outcome of the wrong policies and double-standard approach of international political and media circles as well as disgusting aimlessness in confrontation with the roots of the Takfiri thoughts and politics and violence," the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman added.
Where Glover's "Atlanta" is about youth--the extended adolescence of aimlessness, to be sure, but still the beginning of adulthood, with all of its hopes and fears--Adlon's "Better Things" is about the slog of middle age, with three kids, two dogs, and a stalled career.
The narrator intimately reveals the aimlessness of these two people who have strong reasons to believe that their deaths are imminent.
Whether it was the mental attrition his father put him through, the unrequited love he experienced for Sitwell, or the aimlessness of his career path, near the end of his twenty-second year, Stevenson trudged into the doctors office at 5'10" and around 118 pounds--a human beanpole.
They scuttle off to Antarctica to live a master-free existence in isolation, but without a direction, they become depressed in their aimlessness.
It's an aimlessness, and there has to be clarity or the club might never pick itself up.
Perhaps that explains our drifting and aimlessness as a people.
Though commonly lumped in with his friends as a literary representative of "Lost Generation" aimlessness, Jake ultimately stands out from the group in his conception of leisure.
So I hop on a train at Kings Norton station and trundle into New Street, and I then wander in perfect aimlessness around the city centre.
What Lawtoo is saying in general is that this leaves the individual unprecedentedly susceptible with all of the vulnerabilities, defenselessness, absence of identity, aimlessness, and lack of self-knowledge this entails; and with this, a lowered ordinary awareness of self, others, surroundings, and social and interpersonal dynamics.
Boss once again underlines the aimlessness largely defining Akshay's career in his race for the top.
This scale has eight factors: general aimlessness, aggressiveness, forgetfulness, lack of cooperation, restlessness or agitation, incontinence, apathy, and inappropriate sexual behaviors.
Tuesday's results aren't expected to be anything special, but that probably won't matter as long as Mayer can keep convincing people that Yahoo is making steady progress after years of aimlessness.