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He confirmed that an unusual surge was also being registered in the incidence rate of the ailment this November with 490 cases reported to the Dengue Prevention and Control Cell till 20th day of the current month, with 489 from Karachi only.
A CONTROVERSIAL national scheme which sees local pharmacies providing free Calpol, creams and other medication for minor ailments is no longer available on Teesside.
With temperatures beginning to rise, the Department of Health has advised the public to take steps to avoid heat-related ailments that are common during the summer.
Residents suffering from common ailments will be able to get treatment from pharmacists under the new service.
Unlike other minor ailment services Choose Pharmacy has been developed so that all advice and treatment will be provided by a pharmacist.
On September 6, 2012, the NANB Review Committee found Luc Pitre, registration number 027306, to be suffering from an ailment or condition rendering him unfit and unsafe to practice nursing when the ailment or condition is not adequately treated and controlled, and that the member demonstrated professional misconduct and a lack of judgment and professional ethics.
Its first product, Toe Juice, was invented in the 1970s by high school chemistry teacher Royce Garner in ah effort to treat an unknown skin ailment afflicting his then 18-month-old son.
Veterans grappling for decades with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have a greater risk of developing and dying from heart disease than do their peers who don't suffer from the stress ailment, according to a long-term study.
Some cultures and people have believed almost any ailment, especially mental or emotional ones, to be caused by evil spirits or curses.
Moreover, the phrase "symptoms for which you received medical care" connotes an intent to treat or uncover the particular ailment that causes that symptom--even absent a timely diagnosis--rather than some nebulous or unspecified medical problem.
Zastro selects six women, each with a different ailment, for treatment at his sanitarium for a period of three weeks.
79-151 held that a taxpayer who participates in a weight-reduction program to improve his appearance, general health and sense of well-being, and not to cure a specific ailment or disease, cannot deduct the cost as a medical expense.
Given the volume of primary works on the matter, Whorton wisely chose to limit his treatment to particular themes in medical and popular understanding of the ailment as they were expressed in the United States and Great Britain from 1900 to 1999.
The massive populations of undiagnosed, untreated sufferers from mental illness are often ignored because their ailment might not be manifested physically or pose an immediate threat to personal and societal safety.
I had wanted to identify the ailment that was affecting my strength and balance before the June wedding that we were planning.