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Synonyms for ail

be ill


  • be ill
  • be sick
  • be unwell
  • feel unwell
  • be crook
  • be indisposed
  • be or feel off colour

Synonyms for ail

to cause anxious uneasiness in

Synonyms for ail

be ill or unwell

Related Words

cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed

References in classic literature ?
Bread may not always nourish us; but it always does us good, it even takes stiffness out of our joints, and makes us supple and buoyant, when we knew not what ailed us, to recognize any generosity in man or Nature, to share any unmixed and heroic joy.
Here Western interrupted her with much earnestness, and begged her, if anything ailed his daughter, to acquaint him immediately; adding, "she knew he loved her more than his own soul, and that he would send to the world's end for the best physician to her.
The Captain stared hard as if wondering what ailed me.
She perceived I was out of order, and asked me if I was not well, and what ailed me.
The locksmith's wife knew better perhaps, than he, what ailed her daughter.