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Synonyms for aide-de-camp

an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer

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replied Monsieur de Sucy, looking at the aide-de-camp, who, like himself, was only twenty-three years of age.
He did not end his sentence; the north wind blew at that moment with such ferocity that the aide-de-camp hurried on to escape being frozen, and the lips of Major de Sucy stiffened.
Turning round, de Sucy recognized the young aide-de-camp in the flaring of the flames.
Good-bye," said the aide-de-camp, "I have scarcely time to get across that fatal river--and I MUST; I have a mother in France.
The aide-de-camp seized a brand from the fire and waved it in her face.
To attain that end it would be necessary to be an aide-de-camp to the Emperor--which he expected to become--or to marry into that exclusive set, which he resolved to do.
He had served as aide-de-camp to General Sir John Moore in the Peninsular War and was one of the four officers who carried the body of their commander, killed in the Battle of Corunna, to its burial spot.
Accompanying Bozize on board the aircraft were his two sons and his aide-de-camp.
He was also yesterday made Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, showing his growing role in royal duties.
William was yesterday made an aide-de-camp to the Queen and wore the insignia for the first time.
William, attending as Colonel of the Regiment, wore the ceremonial dress of the Irish Guards and after just being made a personal aide-de-camp to the Queen, wore the insignia on his shoulder for the first time.
Thereafter, BG Strom remained in the Intelligence field with assignments as Officer-in-Charge of the Inchon Field Office, 502d MI Battalion, Korea; Aide-de-Camp to the CG, Intelligence School, Fort Holabird; and Intelligence Officer to the Army's Alternate Command Post, Operations Group, Army War College at Carlisle Barracks.
The first mayor of Midland was the Scot Simon Frazer; his mother was a Macdonnell, related to Bishop Alexander Macdonnell and Sir Isaac Brock's aide-de-camp, John Macdonnell.
Nearly two years later, on January 20, 1863, Fred Gray was also appointed as an aide-de-camp under the command of General Wool, who had been recently transferred to New York to take command of the Department of the East.
Tyler Branham with the Bronze Star Medal for his "exceptionally meritorious service as Aide-de-Camp to the Deputy Commander for Regional Support and Logistics Officer in-Charge, Regional Support Command-Capital, NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan and Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan, from August 2010 to August 2011.